Nation United Offers Perks for Strong Finish to Year

To encourage a strong finish, Nation United leaders are offering several different perks to associates. These include national conferences,

“I’m proud of the perks that we offer to our Nation United associates, and I honestly believe they are a benefit both to team members and the company,” stated Abdullah, the firm’s President. “Though I want to say right off the bat that these are not what makes working here such a great experience. They help, that’s for sure, but the reason our incentives are so powerful is because they are an extension of the values that make up our culture. In my opinion, if a company’s culture isn’t healthy, then all the perks in the world aren’t going to make working there a satisfying experience.”

Two of the most expensive motivations involve travel. A weekend trip to a national leadership conference is on the table, as well as an exotic vacation destination – all expenses paid. Abdullah recognizes that perks like this aren’t in the budget for many smaller firms, and he’s proud to be able to offer such incentives to team members that qualify. Travel is one of the best ways for a professional to develop many qualities that are important to success at Nation United, such as empathy and problem-solving skills.

“Along with the personal growth that takes place any time we venture out of our comfort zones, traveling as a team has an almost magical effect on relationships,” Abdullah shared. “When those who attend a retreat or convention together return home, there is a sense of camaraderie that might never have developed any other way. In my mind, business travel isn’t an expense – it’s an investment that always provides great returns.”

"Along with the personal growth that takes place any time we venture out of our comfort zones, traveling as a team has an almost magical effect on relationships,"

Abdullah, President

Inclusive Incentive Programs Have Great Impact at Nation United

While the more glamorous incentives offered by Nation United certainly deserve attention, the more inclusive perks warrant mentioning as well. For example, Abdullah invites industry leaders to come and speak with associates at the firm, and will also send high achievers to cross-train at sister offices across the country. Also, Nation United will pay team members to seek additional training, and the company sponsors team nights where everyone can get together and blow off some steam.

“Again, these perks are effective because they are extensions of core values at Nation United, like education and teamwork. For any business leader looking to implement an incentive program, that’s the one piece of advice I would absolutely give – make sure your perks are a supplement to your culture,” concluded Abdullah.

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