Nation United Expands Market Into Virginia

 Nation United executives are excited to announce plans to expand into Virginia. Efforts will be led by one of the firm’s top team members, Abdullah.

Nation United executives are always looking for new markets and opportunities for growth. They believe that Virginia has the potential they are seeking. “Top-performing team member Abdullah will be moving to Virginia and opening an office to deploy our dynamic marketing services,” said the company’s President. “The new office already has work lined up. Abdullah will be tasked with getting the projects up and moving quickly, in addition to setting up the new office and building the local team.”

Abdullah has been promoted into the company’s higher level of management and will be responsible for overseeing a team of up to 25 members. He will also be responsible for paying attention to industry trends and introducing strategies locally. As part of opening a new office, he is tasked with building the team from the best talent available, motivating his people to meet revenue goals, guiding their development through training and constructive feedback, and handling the administrative tasks of the office.

"The new team will be researching the Virginia market in more depth and coming to a thorough understanding of how best to implement strategies in the area."

, President

“The new team will be researching the Virginia market in more depth and coming to a thorough understanding of how best to implement strategies in the area,” the firm’s President added. “Abdullah will establish local and national expectations, and make any needed changes in campaign parameters to suit the region.”

Nation United Team Growing and Strengthening

Nation United leaders believe that one of the biggest secrets to their success so far is the success of their team members, so they are committed to hiring and retaining the top talent in the field. With the growth the team is currently experiencing, especially as they expand into a new territory, there will be many options in all areas of the company. Associates get a fantastic set of perks and tools for professional development. Leaders spend lots of one-on-one time with each new team member to make sure they get the training and counsel needed to succeed.

“Like all executives at Nation United, Abdullah has proven himself to be passionate about creating the best team and work atmosphere possible,” concluded the President. “His skills will be put to the test as he opens this new office and establishes the local company culture. On behalf of Nation United, he will be looking for results-oriented individuals to facilitate the long-term growth of the organization. Anyone interested in applying in either the New York or Virginia locations can apply via the company’s website.”

About Nation United:

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